Advertising Rates

Please find our advertising rate table below. Each visitor you will purchase will meet the following criteria:

You may receive traffic that does not meet this criteria, but you will never be charged for it.

We use a large selection of advertising networks to fill the advertising content.

The rates of these adverts are variable, based on your content or where you link to.

As an account holder, you will receive 90% of the revenue from the ads that display.

These will be paid out monthly or when a threshold has been hit as per the terms of the site.

All sites are allowed, except when they contain:

  • Frame breaking script
  • Popup any windows on entry or exit of any kind
  • Automatically attempt to download software or change any user settings
  • Adult or Pornographic related
  • Hate, Bigotry, and/or IntoleranceWarez or Software Piracy related
  • Music Piracy RelatedHacking Related
  • Anything related to illegal activity

Please contact us first if you are unsure whether your advertising would be suitable.